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Presidential Palace, Prague, Czech Republic.
Social Studies Assignments & Announcements

General Announcements:

8th Grade U.S. History Assignments/Announcements:

This year's History Day theme: "Triumph and Tragedy"
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Due Thurs. 11/8

Article I Quiz

  • 11/7- Complete Art. secs 8-10 packet (due tomorrow).
  • 11/6- Complete Art. I, Secs 4-7 packet (due tomorrow).
  • 11/5- Complete Art. I, secs 1-3 packet (due tomorrow).

7th Grade World History Assignments/Announcements:

  • 11/6- Read ch. 9; complete study guide (due Thursday, 11/8).
  • 10/30- Rise of Islam essay (due w/ test on Thursday, 11/1).

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol