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Presidential Palace, Prague, Czech Republic.
Social Studies Assignments & Announcements

General Announcements:

History Day
Congratulations to Sophia Mizoguchi and Vivian Cronin
(Champs in the Paper category)!

8th U.S. History Assignments/Announcements:

U.S. Geography Quiz
Wednesday, 3/21

  • 3/20- Prepare arguments for and against the constitutionality of the U.S. government's Indian removal policies (due Thursday, 3/22, for the debate)
  • 3/19- Read ch. 24; I.D. "Sequoiya", & "Indian Removal Act" (due tomorrow, 3/20)
  • 3/15- Complete study guide (due tomorrow).
  • 3/12- Read ch. 22; I.D. "National Road", & "Erie Canal" (due Wednesday, 3/14)

7th World History Assignments/Announcements:

Asian Geography Quiz
Thursday, 3/29

  • 3/19- Read ch. 6; complete study guide (due Thursday, 3/2).
  • 3/12- Complete reading ch. 2 (pg.34); List/describe at least 4 achievements/developments of Tang Dynasty China; I.D. "Empress Wu" (due Wednesday, 3/14).

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol